The Game Edit

Geneforge is the first game of the Geneforge Series.It was made by Spiderweb software.The game revolves around the PC`s actions.It is requiered to make a character and pick from the three classes.The game offers numerous factions with their own quests and storyline.There is also many different endings according to your actions and faction you join.

The Plot Edit

Your player character is a shaper novice aboard a living water vessel traveling to the colony his/her apprenticeship is going to take place.When the PC passes the barred island of Sucia the PC is attacked by an unknown ship.The living craft takes a mortal wound but manages to breath a fireball at the ship causing it to go on fire.The living vessel then transports the PC with its last energy and then dies.You are stuck at Sucia Island.It is up to you what happens and what the ending will be.